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Philips HD4920 Induction Cooktop Save Energy

Customized Pre-SetMore comfortable cooking without flameCool-to-touch surface, cook’s foods safelyWarranty: 1 year on productThe Philips Daily collection induction cooktop is a sleek and sturdy cooktop for convenient and fast cooking. Its electromagnetic induction technology provides high heating ..


Philips Induction Cooker Hd 4929

With this induction cook top, you can wake up every morning to warm milk and toast without having to light the stove. For the uninitiated cooking enthusiast who doesn’t know the basic rules, this induction cook top from Philips is ideal. You can place a variety of utensils that are made of different..


Philips Induction Cooker Hd 4938

For those of you who are tired of saving cooking gas every day, Philips presents the HD4983 Induction cooktop, that is fast and very easy to use. The induction cooker seals nutrition in the food and reduces any vitamin loss while cooking. The cooktop is highly efficient and loaded with smart feature..