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Philips Mininvac Handheld FC6130 Vaccum Cleaner

The Philips Mini Vac's cyclonic airflow keeps the dirt inside rotating to ensure optimal, high suction power and lasting cleaning performance. Its 3-stage filtration system ensures that, once inside, the dirt cannot escape. The first filter blocks most dirt, while the pleated, second filter traps the finer dust particles. The extra HEPA outlet filet ensures that even the finest dust and microscopic vermin stay inside the Mini Vac...



Vacuums REDMOND RV-327- democratic miracle new wireless control system, represented by two classic colour schemes: red and black. Adjust the power of the air flow with maximum comfort and a great aesthetic pleasure! The vacuum cleaner 327 has a roomy 3.5-liter dust bag and a 360-degree turn of durable hose. The main feature of the model is the presence of a highly efficient HEPA-filter capable of retaining even the smallest dirt particles. Complement exemplary device for home such technical feat..