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V-GUARD  Mini Crystal Voltage Stabilizer -10%

V-GUARD Mini Crystal Voltage Stabilizer

If you are looking to safeguard your household electronic appliances, the V-Guard HETV Stab MiniCrystal stabilizer is a great solution. With a superior design, the stabilizer protects TVs, computers, music systems and more. It offers failsafe circuit protection, high voltage protection and has built-in thermal overload protection for extra safety..

Rs.1,950 Rs.1,755

V-GUARD Stabilizer 500VA

The V-Guard Stabilizer safeguards your refrigerator and other household devices from voltage fluctuations thus preventing electrical damage. This refrigerator stabilizer has a high voltage cut-off protection and a built-in thermal overload protection system. It cuts off power supply to connected equipment in case of component failure. It has a capacity of 500V. The stabilizer's intelligent time delay system helps the compressor to get proper balancing time during frequent power cuts. It has an e..


V-GUARD Stabilizer VGSD 100 1KVA

The V-Guard Stabilizer Ref Stab 1KVA VGSD 100 eliminates any breaks to connected equipment due to voltage fluctuations. Ideal for refrigerators, this unit protects connected equipment from dangerous voltage fluctuations which may otherwise lead to equipment burnout. Compatible with generators in connected circuits, the unit also controls rapid variations at line voltage. This stabilizer offers spike and noise protection to spare your devices any damages due to unusual voltage fluctuations...