Safe and Security Solutions

Safe and Security Solutions
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GODREJ Cash Box with Coin Tray

Cash box models gives protection for your limited cash which needs to be kept handy for every day use. Its body built out of single plate using multibend construction and electrically welded for greater strength and rigidity. Its bottom plate welded to the body from the inside making its dislodgeme..

Ex Tax: Rs.7,559

Godrej Esquire Safe

This safe can be opened only with a secret password and shuts down automatically after 3 consecutive wrong password entries. However, a mechanical override option is also available in case the password is forgotten. The safe has motorized shooting bolts for extra protection and interi..

Ex Tax: Rs.6,999

GODREJ Forte Safe

Low Battery Indicator, Opens with a 3 - 6 Digit Password, Auto Freeze After 3 Consecutive Wrong Entries, Push Button Keypad, LED Touch Panel, Motorized Shooting Bolts for Extra Protection, Can be Anchored or Grouted, Non-volatile Memory Prevents Password Erasure, Mechanical Override, Master Password..

Ex Tax: Rs.9,717

GODREJ Safe E-Swipe

GODREJE-Swipe has heavy duty keypad which provides durability fo frequent use. With its dual protection flexibility is possible with 2 level security in case of 2 users. It opens with a secret password or by swiping card which enables dual security and if used wrong password or card it freezes the k..

Ex Tax: Rs.15,799
GODREJ Safe Safire H30L Electronic Out Of Stock

GODREJ Safe Safire H30L Electronic

Safire H30 electronic safe gives your valuable documents complete protection against fire. Your haven can sometimes, without warning, become unsafe for your valuables. We're not talking about theft or burglary, but rather a threat that's even more terrifying. Fire, which gives no prior warning and c..

Ex Tax: Rs.21,999