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Low Back / Visitor Chairs

Low Back / Visitor Chairs

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This ARENA fabric chair comes with black powder coated metal frame which ensure comfortable sitting. You can place this chair in your working space and add a mesmerising look to your office. Imparted with a timeless appeal that is persistently fresh, which will make your office a perfect place. It's seat and back size comes in 48x42.5cm and 48x34cm respectively...


GODREJ PCH 7004 Navy Blue Visitor Chair

Godrej Premium Executive Chairs are specially designed to enhance individual efficiency and comfort. The concept of office furniture has shifted from the aesthetic, towards human engineering. And Godrej has been a pioneer in this field, where form must necessarily follow function, if efficiency is not to suffer..


Visitor Chair D065

Mesh upholstery seat and back give it a elegant look. This visitor chair has a comparatively good seating space and come with armrests too. The Mesh back and seat gives it the long hours seating quality with its breathing ability to keep your sweat at bay. The Mesh back and seat also give it a soft feel and give you the comfortable long stay on the chair. The upholstery used is also durable as it is quite resistant to cuts and tear. The Metal Chrome frame gives this office furniture the sturdine..


Visitor Chair D071

This chair looks simple but is a strong durable option for your visitor seating. The powder coated Metal frames gives it a fine matt finish. The rounded frame looks and is strong to give the chair its lasting quality. The seat and back is of foam covered by fabric. The fabric gives you the nice cozy feel when seated. The fabric also helps prevent sweating and keeps you seated cool and dry for hours..


Visitor Chair D083

A trendy chair with a nice silver powder coated finish to its strong metal frame which can cater to all your work areas. This office chair has a very comfortable seating design with PU molded foam with fabric upholstery. This combination of material provides a very soft but durable and sweat free breathing seat. The powder coated frame surely gives it strength and sophistication required to go along with your other office furniture. The high quality plastic back provides a smooth and firm suppor..


Visitor Chair D098

A simple economical chair but designed well to give you good enough comfort for short sitting period. A strong powder coated simple frame design gives the chair quality, stability and durability. The plastic back and seat may not show traits of comfort but the design and the thought to give comfort is shown in the molding of this seat and back. The Plastic back is perforated to give it the breathing quality which is inherently missing in the material. The perforation gives airflow to the back re..


Visitor Chair SP621D

With an unique blend of classic style and new age convenience,this chair has PU for its upholstery which brings an elegant and refreshingly different look. It is designed to provide perfect postural support and to fit well into a variety of environments.Aluminum handles with padded with PU provide a top class strong and comforting handle. The chrome base adds to its long lasting quality making it scratch free and gives a polished look for as long as it lasts. The good quality nylon wheels also..