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Can Opener

Its ergonomic non slip easy grip makes it comfortable to hold, thus minimizing the difficulty and fatigue making even the most tedious of cans a breeze to open. Ideal for opening cans of various sizes safely and easily. Made from stainless steel, it is durable,rust free and easy to maintain...


Cap Opener

This stylish looking cap opener makes your work easy and faster during a party. It is made up of stainless steel, is easy to hold and doesn’t slip from your hand easily. It is also convienient in popping open tabs.(A metal peice on the top of cans of pop/soda/juice.)..


Cheese Slicer

Top off your lasagnas with an even layer of sliced cheese, or make perfect cheese sandwiches, with this convenient and easy-to-use cheese slicer. The sleek modern design and stainless steel blade make it an efficient and stylish way to cut and serve your cheeses. It can easily be adjusted to different size thicknesses so that you can get the exact size of the slice you want...


Forged Bread Knife

This bread knife, with its hot-forged stainless steel serrated blade, is an indispensable tool for any professional or amateur baker. Improve your kitchen skills with this knife, and make every slice of bread the perfect size to suit your needs, from thick wedges that go beautifully with soups and stews, to thin slices for sandwiches.This knife is dishwasher safe, and comes with soft grip handles that are easy on the hand. It is 20.5cms in size...


Forged Slicer Knife

Improve your culinary skills with this unique slicer knife to cut and chop vegetables,fruits and other food items with ease. The 20.5 cm blade is made from forged stainless steel, while the handle is molded in a comfortable curve, making it an essential tool for any professional or amateur chef's kitchen...


Ice Cream Scoop

Get home this incredible tool which is ideal for any party. The handle is made up of resistant plastic and the scoop is made from stainless steel. It helps the ice cream to be perfect without dropping it and is dishwasher safe...


Ice Cream Scoop Black

Made of quality material, itt comes with oval shape desirable and easy helping the ice- cream to slides off very easily. The anti-freeze ice-cream scoop also includes a soft and comfortable handle that allows you to use the scoop without straining your wrist. it also hav a hook to hang it safe...


Kitchen Spatula

This kitchen Spatula comes in a range of sizes and are made from toughened nylon with flexible silicone heads. Use them for stirring, turning and spreading or for removing food from bowls and other containers. Perfect for use with non-stick cookware, their silicone heads are heat resistant up to 270ºC/520ºF...


Measuring Scoop 3pc

Get home this spectacular and a must have tool in your kitchen to get your measurements right.It is ideal for taking scoops from large containers like rice and flour. It is light weight,heat resistant and is made from one of the stronger plastics in terms of mechanical strenghts. It is FDA approved...


Mini 3 Tier Cake Stand

This classy 3 tiered serving platter will be a fancy and perfect backdrop for those very special tea cakes, pastries, biscuits, Petit fours, fancy dried fruit, or other sweet treats, or small delicacies.Key Features:Brand: OoNA Material: AluminiumFinish: Nickel Plate Color: Silver No. of tiers: 3..


Nickel Ice Bucket

A great item to gift your friends for frequent cocktail parties, it is surely going to add a depth to the barware. Quite durable with high robustness, it comes with lifetime guarantee of any imperfections. Key Features:Brand: OoNA Material: AluminiumFinish: Nickel Plate Color: Silver..


OoNA Leaf Designed Napkin Ring

" This Napkin ring is a perfect complement to your Napkins in order to enhance your table décor. It has a beautiful leaf design in nickel finish which will provide the finishing touch to your dining table."..


OoNA Nickel Finised Ice Tongs PI-8200

Add a touch of elegance to your next affair with the sleek and stylish Nickel finished Ice Tongs. Crafted of metal and designed to get a good grip on your ice as well as over-sized ice molds...


OoNA PI-6794 3 Tier Fruit Stand With Handle

"This unique 3 Tiered fruit Stand with handle is the perfect accessory for decorating and displaying your fruits.This classic stand makes an excellent addition to your nickleware."..


OoNA PI-7824 Nickel Plated Salt And Pepper Set

"Quality and value combine with this salt and pepper shaker set from OoNA range. Crafted from glass and nickel finish in a classic style, they are ideal for kitchen and table use. "..


OoNA Tea Stainer with Drip Cup

Rest this Stainless Steel Tea Strainer over a cup or mug, then pour freshly steeped tea from the pot into the cup. Then use Drip Cup for the perfect resting place to set the Strainer while enjoying your tea...


Salt and Pepper Set

A perfect combination of utility and style, this brown and beige coloured salt and pepper shaker set is a must - have! Made from ceramic, this salt and pepper shaker set is easy to refill. Place it on your dining table and avail the benefits...


Sandwich Cutter

Create star shaped goodies with this heart shaped sandwich cutter. This cutter has clean lines and sharp edges to give you the highest accuracy in shape. The cutter can be used on different edible materials; bake delicious cookies or decorate your cakes with stars made of fondant. This cutter is made from stainless steel and is easy to wash...



Now you can scoop and measure dry foods and liquids with ease using this dedicated kitchen tool. Its large scoop head has metric and imperial measurements clearly molded inside, a long handle for comfort and a hanging hole for convenient storage. Ideal for taking quick, approximate scoops direct from large containers such as rice or flour sacks...


Square Mould

Become a perfect baker in your own kitchen with this set of six square cake moulds. Made from silicone and featuring a non-sticky finish, these lightweight moulds are dishwasher safe. Designed to excellence, these moulds will give a perfect finishing touch to your cakes...


Stainless Steel Slotted Turner

This oversized kitchen utensil makes handling large or awkward foods easy. Perfect for lifting and turning large fish or meat fillets, fried eggs and pancakes, it also has a sharp, serrated cutting edge for dividing food into portions before serving. Made from stainless steel it is heat-resistant up to 240 degree celsius...


Tooth Pick & Napkin Holder Cum S & P 15123 Silver

Wonderful accompaniments at dinner table are these metal napkin holder, toothpick and salt and pepper set which will captivate the attention of everyone with their exclusive shape. Made of quality material, you can keep this item on the dinning table to serve its multi-purposes. Easy to carry as you required...


Triangular Mould

Present your baked treats in these 6 pc set silicone triangular muffin moulds. Moms get the kids involved! Kids love its vibrant colour, quirky shape and ‘squidgy’ feel, and Mom’s love being able to peel out tasty treats without greasing- ideal for low fat baking. Silicone’s flexible feel, light-weight design and quick cool-down time make it safe and fun when baking with the kids. Bake, store, freeze and reheat right in the mould. Stacks away neatly for storage. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer..