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Reindeer Nickel

Thinking of something unique to gift your friends? You can buy statues online in this regard. This particular statue makes for a great buy with its powerful portrayal of a reindeer in a sitting position. This nickel plated statue is made of high quality aluminum and looks really fetching in silver...


Seaweed Carving Square Bowl

Seaweed Carving Square Bowl in 18 x 18 x 18 cm dimension will decor your tableware It is made up of ceramic and is square in shape...


Tray Basket Large-White -15%

Tray Basket Large-White

The beauty of these rattan style storage boxes is not just in their looks. They are easy to clean, washable, durable and can be left on display in any room of the house. • Ideal to nicely store all your goods in any room of the house! • Hygienic and easy to clean • Long lasting • Does not damage goods • Nestable. Its dimensons are 25x20x10cm...

Rs.395 Rs.336