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GODREJ Forte Safe

Low Battery Indicator, Opens with a 3 - 6 Digit Password, Auto Freeze After 3 Consecutive Wrong Entries, Push Button Keypad, LED Touch Panel, Motorized Shooting Bolts for Extra Protection, Can be Anchored or Grouted, Non-volatile Memory Prevents Password Erasure, Mechanical Override, Master Password...View More..


GODREJ Safe E-Swipe

GODREJE-Swipe has heavy duty keypad which provides durability fo frequent use. With its dual protection flexibility is possible with 2 level security in case of 2 users. It opens with a secret password or by swiping card which enables dual security and if used wrong password or card it freezes the keypad to prevent the forced entry by ensuring authenticity. Its non-volatile memory prevents password erasure during battery failure. ..


GODREJ Safe Taurus

GODREJtaurus has digital locking which eliminates the effort of carrying a key and provides more convenience with 2 solid steel bolts which enables enhanced protection and it opens only with a secret password which enables dual security as well as convenience. Its interior carpet is beautifully designed to complement your valuables having elegant looks as wel as durability. The mechanical override feature in this safe use backup in case of low battery or password forgotten and single molded case..


GODREJ Safe Treasure Chest

GODREJtreasure chest opens only with secret password and enables dual security. Its 2 shooting bolts enables enhanced protection and its non-volatile memory prevents password erasure during battery failure. Its low battery indicator alerts when the battery is low. Its auto freeze facility eliminates the unauthorized access. ..