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Pillow Covers Online India

Pillow Covers Online India

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OoNA Bone Shape Neck Protecting Pillow GM-2009

This Bone shape pillow is designed for car seats to prevent pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulders so that you arrive at your destination more comfortable and relaxed...


OoNA Gel Memory Foam Pillow GM-1036

Improve your sleep with this revolutionary memory foam gel pillow! It features high density memory foam contouring to the shape of your head and providing great support for the neck and shoulders. The gel top layer allows even weight distribution, reduces pressure points and provides a cooler sleeping surface offering a luxurious sleep night after night..


OoNA U Shape Neck Protecting Pillow GM-2001

U shape is compact and easy to carry, relieving pressure caused by long-time sitting. It is the best choice for the office clerk, drivers and tourists.It allows you to get a restful sleep...


Plain White Pillow Filler

Plain White Pillow Filler in 45 x 68 cm dimension Filled with a slow release soft and silky fibre with a special ultra soft fabric outer case. Sometimes selecting a good pillow is all it takes to do wonders for your sleep!..


Plain white Pillow Filler

Plain white Pillow Filler in 40 x 60 cm dimension that offers perfect support and is a great filler...


Plain Yellow Pillow Filler

Plain Yellow Pillow Filler in 40 x 60 cm dimension with softex material in pillows which helps prevent lumps, and evenly distributes head and body weight...