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Cutlery And Crockery

Candle stand with 3 heads

Add a whimsical touch to your home décor with the stunning Nickel Plated 3 Head Candle Stand that epitomizes timeless elegance, reminiscent of the bygone eras where the gentle light of the candle brightened life. This simplistic décor piece with three pillar candle holders is a perfect way to accentuate your dining table, chest of drawers or console table. This beautiful Candle stand is made up of aluminium and looks elegant in silver.
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Apple Bookend- nickel

Renovate your open book shelf with this bookend in the shape of an apple.This bookend is made up of aluminum which makes it light weighted and sturdy enough to support the books. It is nickle plated. This apple shaped booken looks classy in silver.
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Black & Gold Light Holder

Shaped like a blossoming flower slowly unfurling its delicate petals, this elegant T-Light Holder has been formed by carefully molding aluminium into this graceful flower. Placed anywhere, this nickel plated light holder makes for an attractive accessory for your settings and its twinkling light shall never go unnoticed.
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Small Reindeer Nickel

You may want to buy a statue online if you want to deck up your home with elegant accessories. This statue shows a reindeer and looks really elegant in silver. This nickel plated statue is made of aluminum and makes for a great gift for your close friends.
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